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Tastes Like Chicken

Add comment March 29th, 2016

Lucky 13

Here’s my entry for this year’s CD101 poster contest. Hopefully this year turns out better than the past ten. Take care everybody!

Add comment October 26th, 2012

The World in Motion

I had the privilege of designing a poster for CSCA and their upcoming speaker Nando Costa. Nando is a director and graphic artist based in Portland, Oregon and a native of Rio de Janeiro. His work is very distinct and very impressive. If you’re in Columbus October 25th go check him out at the Arena Grand Theater downtown.

Add comment October 23rd, 2012

This is Jay Everyday

Big thanks to my friend Kevin Finney for letting me ink some of his sketches. Guy’s a beast of an illustrator. Hopefully more of this kind of stuff coming in the future.

Add comment May 2nd, 2012

One Oh One

Here’s my entry for this year’s CD101 Calendar Poster. It looks even better printed.

6 comments October 27th, 2009

Channeling Jim Steranko

I wanted to make an illustration similar to old school Jim Steranko stuff. It’s true what they say about Steranko being a total rock star in the illustration world. He’s a guy I would love to meet, shake his hand, and thank him for all the great work he’s done. He’s a true innovator.

5 comments July 7th, 2009

When It Rains It Pours

I just wanted to re-draw the Morton’s Umbrella Girl and add a little twist—I have no idea why. I think this would make a great cut vinyl decal or t-shirt someday.

Be cool to animals everybody.

1 comment May 18th, 2009

Venus Painting

I’ve been trying out a few new ways to make oil-like paintings in Photoshop. It’s only a study but I thought I’d share it with you guys. I have a ton of stuff I never show and I’m working on to be more open with it so please be kind. Anyhow, I think this one turned out pretty good for a first shot at it. Might try the real thing next or make these a series.

1 comment May 12th, 2009

Comfest 09?

I designed an entry for this year’s Comfest theme. The contest is on March 4th so I should find out sometime soon if I’m going to see this on some beer mugs. Wish me luck! Also, I know the site looks a little plain jane right now but give me some time to fix it up. I want it to look nice for you.

4 comments February 27th, 2009

High Flyer

Here’s some (extremely small) pictures of the last 2 flyers/posters I made for concerts. One for Yummy Fight and one for The Hot Damn, both at the LC Pavillion in Columbus. The work I don’t get paid for is always my favorite type of work.

Hopefully, I’ll put some more rock posters soon.

4 comments May 23rd, 2008

I’m the chairman of the bored

I’m a lengthy monologue…

1 comment May 14th, 2008

Heavy Pulp

So I’ve got a thing for good old fashioned pulp art. I love those old school cover illustrations filled with suspense, action, and drama but I’ve noticed lately a new style of pulp art out there in the form of heavy, computer-assisted, collage. It looks vintage but screams computer made. For practice, I decieded to try to make a collage in under 4 hours using whatever I could find through google images. Here’s the result, which turned out more like a crappy 1970’s spy movie poster than a 1940’s pulp cover. I’ll go back and add more nazis fighting snakes later.

Anyways, i just want to thank you for stopping by the site again. I hope 2007 is a fantastic year for each and everyone of you. Peace.

6 comments December 28th, 2006

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