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Design for Designers

I know what you’re thinking, why is there tons and tons of illustration stuff on this site and so little actual design work? Well, you’re right and that sucks. I don’t want to confuse anyone, first and foremost I’m a graphic designer. That means a lot to me. I wouldn’t consider myself an illustrator, just interested in illustration. Drawing and other basic handskills are some things that may set designers apart from one another but the most important aspects of what makes a designer effective are simply the fundmentals, creativity, and consistancy.

The above list is of some of my current favorite designers, firms, magazines, and communities in the world of visual communication. All of these sites have a grasp on the fundamentals, weither it’s composition, color theory, typography, grids systems, branding or anything else it’s all right there.

6 comments March 27th, 2006

Flying Fortress

I know a lot of people that really dig on Flying Fortress and why not? These Germans are sickening. Most noteably you’ve probably seen their work in the form of vinyl Teddy Troops but they also have done work for Hessen Mob Skateboards and more recently, Stüssy. I just love their style. They seem to have a masterful control over line weights which gives most of their work a really heavy and dominant feel. Add this to their unhealthy obession with bears it makes for some beautiful and unique stuff.

Free Lunch:
Andy’s Val Gourmet - Chacarron
Jan Von Holleben Photography
Mr. Mucho
The Willy Wonka Skate Ramp
Sam Prekop - Who’s Your New Professor?

6 comments March 15th, 2006

Zombie Rock

Ok so Kavinsky was killed in a car crash in 1986 and is now a zombie back from death to both feed on living flesh and create funky 80’s house records. That’s the story anyhow. I’m not a huge fan of house music or much electronic in general but I am a fan of Miami Vice meets Beverly Hills Cop, which is what his album Teddy Boy EP is described like. You can download the first track off the album right here to see for yourself. (Props to BIGSTEREO, which has some great content)

Update: Kavinsky just put together a video for his song Testarossa Autodrive and I think it’s pretty prefect for what they’re going for. Be sure to check it out on Youtube.

Undead Link Dump:
Warren Ellis!
I AM 8-bit
Ames Bros. Shirts
Monsters Of Uxbridge
James Jean Illustration of Dave Chappelle for KING Magazine
Kavinsky - Teddy Boy EP

1 comment February 28th, 2006

Gunslinging Bird

The artwork of Eric Feng is like a Charles Mingus bassline, amazingly structured and familar yet something lies unique within the details everytime you experience it. I’ve been a big fan of Eric’s work for sometime now, which will be featured in the brand new 2nd issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine along with some work from Tim Biskup. The magazine itself will be pretty hard to find unless of course you live near the world-famous Rotofugi in Chi Town. Reason #259 to move the Chicago.

You’ve already seen this stuff:
There’s Tiny Russians on Your Food
Finnish Fashions
Charles Mingus - Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

7 comments February 20th, 2006

Considerable in Japan

I just recently realized that there is a ridiculious amount of illustrator talent in Japan. It’s amazing to me because of the abundance of obvious differences in mainstream illustration in the east verses the west. Lately, I’ve been blindly clicking through some Japanese sites finding tons of great artist like Blue Cube. What really amazes me is that in Japan there really is a market for illustrating giant mechanical moths and lizards. I’m moving.

1 comment February 16th, 2006

White Hot Electric Heat

Electric Heat is the site of Nigel Evan Dennis. It’s a great site, very concise and full of beautiful composition and color. This clean layout helps add contrast to the abstraction and visual noise of his work. Nigel is already an extremely talented young artist and knowledgable designer at the age of 23 and I’m very interested to see what direction he will take his already unique style towards in the future.

I know how much you like stuff:
Thierry Le Goues - SOUL
Miles Aldridge Photographs
Autumn Whitehurst
It’s JerryTime!
Japanese “Real 3D” Plasma Projector
Early Man - Closing In

1 comment February 8th, 2006

Eneone and Friends

Great stuff seems to just seep out of the multi-talented Eneone crew in LA. They can do it all, illustration, apparel, packaging, interactive, identity, 3D, or fine arts and they really seem to enjoy the idea of mastering new processes and incorporating them into other realms of their work. Personally, I love the idea of having a vast array of skill sets to pull from and like Eneone says, it helps them create a “more effective realizaton of our client’s vision.” I’d kill to work for a client with vision right now… Anyways, I’m really digging on the campaign they did for Nike & LeBron James. Where can I get this poster?

Link Dumpage:
Rebel One
Ferrofluid Sculptures
Damion Scott

1 comment February 1st, 2006

Illustration Snack-Pak

I’ve been meaning to make a list like this since I started the site. So without further adieu, here are some of my favorite illustrators and artists out there right now. Each one of them gives me that “I wish I could do that” feeling. They make me hungrier. This is just my way of paying my respect to them so please don’t be upset with me. Make sure you check all of them out because each and everyone is something special. Pig out… no one’s watching…

4 comments January 24th, 2006

115 Megapixel Camera

Michael Golembewski has built himself a camera. A 115,200,000 pixels per image camera. This guy is a genius. He fused a 8×11 lens to an old Horseman 450L monorail 4×5 camera then attached a modified Canon LIDE 20 scanner to the back to capture the image. It’s crude for sure but simply amazing. What makes it so interesting, other than the fact it’s the only one in the world, is the motion distortion that is similar to something sliding on a scanner bed.

Thursday Link Dump:
Jon the Impaler for Governor?
Sons of Stolen
Christopher Lee
The Chemical Brothers - Believe (.mov) (I can only imagine that this is what my roommate Durk’s nightmares must consist of.)

1 comment January 19th, 2006

Ashley Wood Is Up To No Good

Ashley Wood. I’ve been a fan of this illustrator/designer from down under for a few years now. He is a three-time Spectrum Award winner and a two-time Communication Arts winner. You may know him by his work at Popbot or Bambaland but recently he just started up his own blog (who hasn’t?). It’s not much right now, but it is interesting to get some insight into the mind and process of an amazing artist. Though he works mainly in oils, his philosophy is that people react simply to the drawings under it.

Random Link Dump:
James Traficant’s Prison Art - For Sale
Ziggy Stardust Comic Book
Niko Henrichon
Graffiti Critique Sticker [PDF]
Gang of Four - Return the Gift

8 comments January 11th, 2006

Fahrenheit 451°

I took some of my Christmas money and bought some books.

History of the Poster By Josef Muller-Brockmann
What can I say about this book? It’s awesome. Josef Muller-Brockmann is just awesome. This book is a landmark account of one of the most prolific visual traditions of our culture. Originally published in 1971, this essential study is clearly written and richly illustrated.

Dos Logos By Roland Muller
This book is the follow-up to Los Logos, which came out a few years back. All the logos in it are catalogued by subject and classified according to the industry or purpose for which it was designed (music, fashion, corporate, etc). It’s a beautiful book and great update on the current trends of branding design.

Making and Breaking the Grid By Timothy Samara
Don’t let anyone ever tell you its not all about the grid. Typographic grids are the common yet often times, most critical element of layout. This book explains the refined use of typographic grids as well as the means to break away from the convention of them.

Gas Book 8: Blue Source By Design Exchange
Number 8 in the always fresh line of Gas Books and DVDs. This one is about Blue Source, a design studio out of London. They’ve done work for Adidas, Chemical Brothers, Coldplay and Dirty Vegas. I like it!

Iconography 2 By Systems Design Ltd.
Iconography 2 is all about the world of icons in all shapes, sizes and applications. Includes fonts, wallpapers, screen savers, desktop icons, and motion works.  Only gets 2 stars because the CD is very buggy!

All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder By Frank Miller + Jim Lee
So it’s obvious that I’ve got a soft spot for comic books, but if you’re a casual fan or collector you should check out the brand new All-Star Batman and Robin. It’s amazing because the story is done by Frank Miller of Sin City fame and the artwork is by Jim Lee, who is probably the most famous comic book artist of my lifetime. Anyways, it’s great. A+

4 comments January 9th, 2006

Nice shoes

Okay, okay. Somebody’s got to fill the language arts quota here, give a little “tell” to all of you designers’ “show.” So I’ll write about what I know–pomes.

Before anyone nods off, they truly need to read some Bob Hicok. Seriously. He is the blue collar poet that doesn’t write about being blue collar. He is Charles Bukowski sans sexism. I love him because he admits he doesn’t write every day, because when someone asks what he does, he responds, “Nice shoes,” and because he was an automotive die designer until someone thought plain language was sexy and made him professor of creative writing. I love him because he didn’t publish a book until he was way over 30 (gives me hope). And finally, I love him for the opening stanzas of his poem “The Religious Impulse,” which is posted below. Check out more of his pomes here.

What do you think of the bible?

-I own one or two, don’t read them, I enjoy
turning the pages, the paper thin as slices
of garlic.

Garlic slices are thicker than that.

-Slices of cloud.

Though it would be cool, cooking with the bible.
When someone asked you, how’s the spaghetti, you could say,
needs more bible.

-I could say that anyway.

But you don’t.

1 comment December 30th, 2005

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