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Nice shoes

Okay, okay. Somebody’s got to fill the language arts quota here, give a little “tell” to all of you designers’ “show.” So I’ll write about what I know–pomes.

Before anyone nods off, they truly need to read some Bob Hicok. Seriously. He is the blue collar poet that doesn’t write about being blue collar. He is Charles Bukowski sans sexism. I love him because he admits he doesn’t write every day, because when someone asks what he does, he responds, “Nice shoes,” and because he was an automotive die designer until someone thought plain language was sexy and made him professor of creative writing. I love him because he didn’t publish a book until he was way over 30 (gives me hope). And finally, I love him for the opening stanzas of his poem “The Religious Impulse,” which is posted below. Check out more of his pomes here.

What do you think of the bible?

-I own one or two, don’t read them, I enjoy
turning the pages, the paper thin as slices
of garlic.

Garlic slices are thicker than that.

-Slices of cloud.

Though it would be cool, cooking with the bible.
When someone asked you, how’s the spaghetti, you could say,
needs more bible.

-I could say that anyway.

But you don’t.

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Top 10 Music Videos of 2005

I have to admit, I don’t watch a lot of music television anymore so most of these I’ve seen through the internet. For the most part they are all pretty good. I’ve noticed 2 major trends in videos this year. The first being the cut-out key frame animation look and the second the pencil drawn abstract look, let’s hope we can move past that in 2006. If I left anything off the list let me know.

1. Jason Forrest - War Photographer (.mov)
2. Jose Gonzalez - Stay In The Shade (.mov)
3. Aphex Twin - Rubber Johnny (.swf)
4. LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations (.mov)
5. Plan B - No Good (.mov)
6. Stephen Malkmus - Baby C’mon (.mov)
7. Arcade Fire - Laika (.wmv)
8. The Kills - The Good Ones (.mov)
9. John Vanderslice - Exodus Damage (.mov)
10. The White Stripes - The Denial Twist (.mov)

(WARNING: the Aphex Twin video is extremely creepy. I’m not joking, it’s downright scary. You’ve been warned.)

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New Year, New Site

Ok, so it’s not quite 2006 yet but it feels good to finally have something up on my site. This is my attempt to try and keep this project interesting and simultaeously enter the world of blogging (ugh). I’m going to try and stay away from the personal, life story stuff and update the site with my work, findings, and rants. And since I’m not a very good writer, I’m also going to try an recruit some other people to write for me. I’m optimistic.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by, comment if you want and have a happy new year.

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James Jean and Friends

James Jean! is probably my favorite comic book cover artist right now. He just won Wizard’s 2005 best cover artist award and has recieved over 10 Eisner Awards for his work. He’s pretty amazing, it’s simply unfair how good those Green Arrow covers are.

and some more link dumpage…
Flowering Nose - Seth Fisher
Brandon Bird’s Brandon Bird-O-Rama
Matthew Woodson - Ghost Co
700 Hoboes
Syrup NYC
Hideo Kojima - HIDEOBLOG
Medusa Team
Merry Christmas Chewbacca
Animal Collective - Feels

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