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Zombie Rock

Ok so Kavinsky was killed in a car crash in 1986 and is now a zombie back from death to both feed on living flesh and create funky 80’s house records. That’s the story anyhow. I’m not a huge fan of house music or much electronic in general but I am a fan of Miami Vice meets Beverly Hills Cop, which is what his album Teddy Boy EP is described like. You can download the first track off the album right here to see for yourself. (Props to BIGSTEREO, which has some great content)

Update: Kavinsky just put together a video for his song Testarossa Autodrive and I think it’s pretty prefect for what they’re going for. Be sure to check it out on Youtube.

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Kavinsky - Teddy Boy EP

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Dangerously Cheesy

There are no words on wisdom or mystery on this one. I was just drawing and eating Cheetos. It’s not as cool as the World’s Largest Cheeto but I had fun making it so lay off! Have a great weekend everybody.

Bonus: Uncropped version right here.

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Captain America (or the Stamotopoulos Empire)

I recently discovered the Superficial, a site devoted to making fun of celebrities. And I love it. It allows me to disguise my enjoyment of celeb gossip as cynical disgust—a sentiment unbelievably difficult to convey while reading US in the checkout line.

The site is usually pretty funny, offering witty commentary on strange happenings and recent trends in Hollywood. The thing that I especially appreciate is their Full House coverage. Speaking of trends, was I the last person to know about Jodie Sweetin’s meth addiction? Why do so few child celebrities escape stardom unmarked? Is it really just being “forced to grow up too soon” and the unreal feeling of seeing yourself on national television? Is it the expanse of an audience that causes us to place such importance on entertainment? Are these stupid questions? I dunno, but  I suspect we could learn a lot about our culture by taking a closer look at this pattern.

I feel bad for the oldest child in a sitcom. It’s enough pressure to make Mike Seaver be born again. Poor DJ. And I don’t even want to know how Uncle Jesse’s twins have matured after that music video Stamos (did you know his real name is Stamotopoulos?) put them in.

Another new one for me:
I Watch Stuff: They have some good movie sequel stuff up, including some write-ups about Indiana Jones 4, Captain America and Basic Instinct 2.

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Gunslinging Bird

The artwork of Eric Feng is like a Charles Mingus bassline, amazingly structured and familar yet something lies unique within the details everytime you experience it. I’ve been a big fan of Eric’s work for sometime now, which will be featured in the brand new 2nd issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine along with some work from Tim Biskup. The magazine itself will be pretty hard to find unless of course you live near the world-famous Rotofugi in Chi Town. Reason #259 to move the Chicago.

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Considerable in Japan

I just recently realized that there is a ridiculious amount of illustrator talent in Japan. It’s amazing to me because of the abundance of obvious differences in mainstream illustration in the east verses the west. Lately, I’ve been blindly clicking through some Japanese sites finding tons of great artist like Blue Cube. What really amazes me is that in Japan there really is a market for illustrating giant mechanical moths and lizards. I’m moving.

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Duel of the Iron Mic

Are you guys getting bored of this stuff yet? This here is just another color study of mine moving towards the old school muralistic graff look. If Iron Man and Samus Aran had a baby born in the 1980’s Brooklyn B-boy culture, I think this is what it would look like. Feel free to call me out on that.

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Something Old, Something New

I have been doing some seriously tedious work at my job lately–work I cannot do while surfing the Internet. Bored of just piping music through my headphones, I have been listening to writers read their stuff and came upon Margaret Atwood. She’s no new discovery for most literary types, but with so many writers out there, I haven’t had a chance to really ingest her work. Hearing her read “You Begin” is what got me hooked. To be honest, I think the recording quality and her voice make the poem even more compelling.

Now for something new. Besty Wheeler, an old classmate and friend, has been rocking the casbah in poetry land. A fellow at the Stadler Center for Poetry at Bucknell, she’s been appearing more frequently in some of my favorite lit mags. Her poems often make me feel suspended in a place that has no real location or time, and yet I rarely feel abandoned because her voice is so distinct and present. One of my old teachers used to remind us, “There are no new ideas–only new ways to present them.” Betsy makes overcoming this obstacle look so easy.

She’s one of the founding editors of FlatCity Press too, which put out an anthology of Ohio poets that *blow on fingers* I was fortunate to be in. 

Check out some of the journals that have housed some Wheeler poems:
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White Hot Electric Heat

Electric Heat is the site of Nigel Evan Dennis. It’s a great site, very concise and full of beautiful composition and color. This clean layout helps add contrast to the abstraction and visual noise of his work. Nigel is already an extremely talented young artist and knowledgable designer at the age of 23 and I’m very interested to see what direction he will take his already unique style towards in the future.

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R.I.P. Seth Fisher

One of my favorite illustrators, Seth Fisher, died today. I’m not really sure as to what I’m supposed to write about when some one dies but because I’ve linked to him before I thought I should mention it. He was amazingly talented and this whole thing really freaks me out because I just bought what will be his last comic book ever 2 days earlier. Here’s the official word from one of his realitives:

Dear Friends of Seth,

I’ve just hung up the phone from talking with Vicki (Seth’s mother) in Japan. She is with family and friends at the wake. She was overwhelmed when I told her so many people are talking about him online, in blogs and forums. She thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It seems Seth fell seven stories off the roof of a club in Osaka. The autopsy revealed massive internal bleeding and suggests that he died instantly.

The funeral in Japan is on Saturday.

Check out Seth’s website, Flowering Nose to see the amazing talent we’ve all lost.

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Doc Doom is in the Room

How’s life? I’ve been pretty jammed up creative wise for the past few days so I decied to invest some time into creating some content for the site. Here’s a little something I’ve been playing on for a while. I made some desktop wallpapers out of it for both the mac and pc. Sorry, no 1280 x 1042. Also, I think it’s important to note that I didn’t draw the image of Dr. Doom. I’m not sure who did but whomever it was is fierce. I just scanned him in and colored him to match the rest of the comp. Better stuff is coming… peace.

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Eneone and Friends

Great stuff seems to just seep out of the multi-talented Eneone crew in LA. They can do it all, illustration, apparel, packaging, interactive, identity, 3D, or fine arts and they really seem to enjoy the idea of mastering new processes and incorporating them into other realms of their work. Personally, I love the idea of having a vast array of skill sets to pull from and like Eneone says, it helps them create a “more effective realizaton of our client’s vision.” I’d kill to work for a client with vision right now… Anyways, I’m really digging on the campaign they did for Nike & LeBron James. Where can I get this poster?

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