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Design for Designers

I know what you’re thinking, why is there tons and tons of illustration stuff on this site and so little actual design work? Well, you’re right and that sucks. I don’t want to confuse anyone, first and foremost I’m a graphic designer. That means a lot to me. I wouldn’t consider myself an illustrator, just interested in illustration. Drawing and other basic handskills are some things that may set designers apart from one another but the most important aspects of what makes a designer effective are simply the fundmentals, creativity, and consistancy.

The above list is of some of my current favorite designers, firms, magazines, and communities in the world of visual communication. All of these sites have a grasp on the fundamentals, weither it’s composition, color theory, typography, grids systems, branding or anything else it’s all right there.

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Zachary Flagg Baldus and Friends

Today I came across the website of illustrator, Zachary Flagg Baldus and was very impressed. The funny thing is, there is relatively no self-promotion to be found on it. It’s simply a collection of his works in chronological order and his phone number. I find that admirable. Spacesick is a talented guy from near by Toledo, Ohio or as he descibes himself, “I’m the Magical Man from Happy-Land, in a gumdrop house on Lollipop Lane.” Good stuff. Ben Garvie III is aphenomenal product illustrator who is a throw back to the days when air-brushers roamed the great plains in herds. Enjoy.

A few more random things:
YUMLUM - Circular fisheye photography
Red Nose Studio - Photographic illustration
Free Food For Everyone - This is…. wait, what the heck is this?
I am 8-bit Contest! - Ends April 7th

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Flying Fortress

I know a lot of people that really dig on Flying Fortress and why not? These Germans are sickening. Most noteably you’ve probably seen their work in the form of vinyl Teddy Troops but they also have done work for Hessen Mob Skateboards and more recently, Stüssy. I just love their style. They seem to have a masterful control over line weights which gives most of their work a really heavy and dominant feel. Add this to their unhealthy obession with bears it makes for some beautiful and unique stuff.

Free Lunch:
Andy’s Val Gourmet - Chacarron
Jan Von Holleben Photography
Mr. Mucho
The Willy Wonka Skate Ramp
Sam Prekop - Who’s Your New Professor?

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Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

It’s a little known fact that we all love Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart — but it’s true. I made this illustration in tribute to him. Someday this baby will be neatly tattooed between my shoulder blades and you can tell all your friends you know somebody that’s been down with The Hitman since day one. Larger version here.

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I tried to avoid this, but I still have an Oscar hangover so here’s an attempt to detox: I’m happy for you 36 Mafia and ashamed of all onlookers who, when the group won, wore an expression more appropriate for watching a doggie fashion show–as if to say, “How cute!” It’s not my favorite song, but it does make me want to dance. Still, it would be nice if there was a more well-rounded representation of black music in recent films.

Other equally bothersome yet less loaded talking points: #1. You’re killing us, George Clooney. You’re cute and played Booker on Roseanne, but you give women of America false hope. Would it kill you to just once have your photo taken with a date? We want stunning grandbabies! #2. What was going on during “In the Deep?” It was like a sci-fi movie trailer crashed into the set of Thriller–which is appropriate but painful. And finally, #3. I find it hilarious that it was the 78th Annual Oscars–meaning it was the 78th time we have honored people who act or whose work is somehow related to actors–and there are still folks who can’t get it together with the teleprompter. Put a computer chip in them or something.  

A funny, unrelated poem about hangovers to cleanse the pallet of my negativity.

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