Something Old, Something New

February 8th, 2006 by Sommer

I have been doing some seriously tedious work at my job lately–work I cannot do while surfing the Internet. Bored of just piping music through my headphones, I have been listening to writers read their stuff and came upon Margaret Atwood. She’s no new discovery for most literary types, but with so many writers out there, I haven’t had a chance to really ingest her work. Hearing her read “You Begin” is what got me hooked. To be honest, I think the recording quality and her voice make the poem even more compelling.

Now for something new. Besty Wheeler, an old classmate and friend, has been rocking the casbah in poetry land. A fellow at the Stadler Center for Poetry at Bucknell, she’s been appearing more frequently in some of my favorite lit mags. Her poems often make me feel suspended in a place that has no real location or time, and yet I rarely feel abandoned because her voice is so distinct and present. One of my old teachers used to remind us, “There are no new ideas–only new ways to present them.” Betsy makes overcoming this obstacle look so easy.

She’s one of the founding editors of FlatCity Press too, which put out an anthology of Ohio poets that *blow on fingers* I was fortunate to be in. 

Check out some of the journals that have housed some Wheeler poems:
can we have our ball back?
Caffeine Destiny
gut cult
Brooklyn Review

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