Captain America (or the Stamotopoulos Empire)

February 21st, 2006 by Sommer

I recently discovered the Superficial, a site devoted to making fun of celebrities. And I love it. It allows me to disguise my enjoyment of celeb gossip as cynical disgust—a sentiment unbelievably difficult to convey while reading US in the checkout line.

The site is usually pretty funny, offering witty commentary on strange happenings and recent trends in Hollywood. The thing that I especially appreciate is their Full House coverage. Speaking of trends, was I the last person to know about Jodie Sweetin’s meth addiction? Why do so few child celebrities escape stardom unmarked? Is it really just being “forced to grow up too soon” and the unreal feeling of seeing yourself on national television? Is it the expanse of an audience that causes us to place such importance on entertainment? Are these stupid questions? I dunno, but  I suspect we could learn a lot about our culture by taking a closer look at this pattern.

I feel bad for the oldest child in a sitcom. It’s enough pressure to make Mike Seaver be born again. Poor DJ. And I don’t even want to know how Uncle Jesse’s twins have matured after that music video Stamos (did you know his real name is Stamotopoulos?) put them in.

Another new one for me:
I Watch Stuff: They have some good movie sequel stuff up, including some write-ups about Indiana Jones 4, Captain America and Basic Instinct 2.

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