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Bored? Need something to entertain you for a while? Well, I made a short list of some awesome flash games (with stars for added blogging equity)! They’re all fun and simple to play but beat my high score and we can’t be friends anymore.

NEO GEO Bowling
I used to waste quarters on this at the bowling alley when I was a kid (how ironic). This is an exact converstion of that game and it’s still tons of fun for me. Brings back a lot of fond memories of me owning my friends.

Tower Defense
The aim of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. Yep, there’s some strategy involved.

Line Rider
This is more of a toy than a game but it’s extremly creative and creative, simple games are usually the most enteraining. Using your imagination is always fun.

The purpose of this game is to let the little yellow dwarf out of a center cage. The master of this house will come back at 7pm. Time is your weapon.

Sesam Katapult
Catipult a little Norwegian guy as far as you can. I’m sure there is pleanty lost in translation in this game but it doesn’t make it any less fun so have at it.

Sushi Samurai
This is a copy of the old arcade game Burger Time except instead of making burgers you’re making sushi! Delicious, delicious sushi!

Another simple game that is really well executed. It’s similar to Missle Command if you’ve ever played that. I hope someday to be involved in a project like this.

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Master of the Flying Guillotine

I’ve been playing around with building a flash video player that matches the site. Here’s what I came up with:

The video is the opening to the movie Master of the Flying Guillotine, one of my all-time favorite kung-fu movies. They just don’t make title squences like this anymore which got me thinking about some of my other favorites. I found some that you might be interested in.

To Kill a Mocking Bird (1962) - Saul Bass
Panic Room (2002) - The Picture Mill
Thank You for Smoking (2005) - Shadowplay Studio
Casino (1995) - Saul Bass
Charade (1963) - Maurice Binder
Catch Me If You Can (2002) - Florence Deygas
Alien (1979) - R. Greenberg

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Heavy Pulp

So I’ve got a thing for good old fashioned pulp art. I love those old school cover illustrations filled with suspense, action, and drama but I’ve noticed lately a new style of pulp art out there in the form of heavy, computer-assisted, collage. It looks vintage but screams computer made. For practice, I decieded to try to make a collage in under 4 hours using whatever I could find through google images. Here’s the result, which turned out more like a crappy 1970’s spy movie poster than a 1940’s pulp cover. I’ll go back and add more nazis fighting snakes later.

Anyways, i just want to thank you for stopping by the site again. I hope 2007 is a fantastic year for each and everyone of you. Peace.

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Station to Station

CD101 is a radio station in Columbus that tries really hard to be cool. Every year they have a calendar poster contest and the winner gets some cash and some free prints. After entering for the last two years I’ve realized that it’s more of a popularity contest then a design contest so I’m not sure if I’ll try again next year. Just so nothing goes to waste, I figured I’d share my poster design for 2006. If you notice a lot of the elements in it gave way to the over look and feel of this blog.

This reminds me — I really need to redesign this site because it’s getting pretty old and played out. I’m going to start working on a portfolio site as well that links to this. It will probably replace this URL but I’m not sure yet so stay tuned.

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One of Columbus’ Finest

Anthony Yankovic III is a fantastic illustrator from right here in Columbus. He just got picked up by Alien Workshop Skateboards in Dayton to design a new line of pro decks. In his own words, here’s what insipired him to be an artist:

“Art is deeply rooted in my family history. My great, great,great, grandfather brought the first paint brush over to America on the Mayflower. During the voyage he feared that the fine hogs-haired bristles would be damaged on board the crowded vessel. He had no other choice but to hold the brush above his head like a torch during the trip’s entirety. Due to the poot living conditions and lack of blood flow, his arm fell ill, turned black and died. Upon reaching land his fellow countrymen were in dire need of extravagant oil paintings the only tool of the trade was stuck in the blackened death grip of my great, great, great grandfather’s deceased hand. After little discussion they lopped his arm off with a wooden axe. Still unable to remove the brush, the resorted to stuffing and bronzing the limb. The appendage-brush became that of legend and has since been put on display in the parking lot of the Akron Art Museum.”

So there you have it - makes perfect sense. You can check out Anthony’s and many other talented artist’s (like Elephont) work at Alien Workshop.

Also! - James Jean is at it again with a poster design for the upcoming Nike advertising campaign Space Race 2020. I have got to get a copy of this poster when it comes out. It’s amazing how talented this guy is.

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Everybody Loves Bansky

Bansky is everywhere. For those of you not familiar Bansky, he is the mysterious guerrilla artist that’s brought you serveral popular news stories in the last few years. Some people like him, some people hate him. I think it depends on your defintion between what makes something a work of art and what makes something a prank. I think most people simply hate the fact that he makes you think about the difference between the two.

Some of this greatest hits:
Paris Hilton Targeted in CD Prank
Banksy Hits New York’s Most Famous Museums (All of Them)
Spray Can Prankster Tackles Israel’s Security Barrier
Artist Banksy Targets Disneyland
Natural History Museum Exhibits an Unnatural Specimen
Artist’s Cold Call Cuts Off Phone

Anyhow, he’s having a show in LA right now called, Barely Legal. It’s kind of a big deal for a couple of reasons, he’s from the UK, he takes a lot of potshots at western civilization, and he’s not well liked by a lot of powerful people. Either way, it’s interesting stuff.

3 Albums I’m Listening to:
The Modern Lovers - The Modern Lovers
Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
Iggy & the Stooges - Year of the Iguana

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Across The Sea

Is summer over with yet? I don’t think I’ve ever hoped for a summer to move so fast in all my life. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to autumn (which is a beauty in Columbus) and the fresh snow of winter to fall and signify new beginings.

Time goes so slow.

S-S-S-Something for the comments:
The Show - It’s ZeFrank thinking so you don’t have to.
AP Fauxtography - Don’t believe everything anything you see.
New World Record - 1 Guy. 121 T-Shirts. New World Record.
Portland Studios - I’m into what they’re selling.
The Sword - Age of Winters

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Jumbo Logo

I found this fantastic article on Font Shop about how the term Web 2.0 has changed the way corporate branding is being handled today. Website identities today have a certain soft, glossy, and friendly feel to them which while inviting is starting to get horribly redundant. Perhaps its a result in the difference between additive vs. subtractive color mixing. Who knows? Either way, I’d wager there is going to be a whole generation of kids with a highly saturated color preference in the near future. Wish you were here to see it Paul.

Like anything spawned from the net, once something gets too popular there is a harsh backlash. Check out some of these concepts for Web 2.0 logos of your favorite mainstream brands (like the ones up top). Hilarious.

Lime green is the new everything.

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More Air. More World.

Every once in a while you see a site that sticks with you for a while or in my case sticks with me enough to actually dust off the old blog and write. The new Nike Air site, my friend Kyle tipped me to, is one of them. It’s got it all, it’s cutting-edge, it’s clever, it’s emersing. I can’t remember the last pair of Nike shoes I bought but I also can’t remember the last time I was disappointed with anything Nike has offered on the web. I hope the rest of the internet catches up.

Fresh Links:
Ben Grasso - This guy really deserves his own post. Exploding house art!
2006 Biomedical Image Awards - It’s all about perspective.
Daniel Krall - Great illustration work.
The Sea Orbiter - Now that’s gansta.
Time Fountain - This is a really smart idea. Watch the video.

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Community Festival 06

So I went to Comfest last weekend and had pretty good time. I thought for the most part the music was way better this year than I’ve heard there in a long time. Two bands in particular stick out in my mind from this weekend. The first is the Lab Rats, they have a pretty good sound for being only two members strong. You can check out their song Ritalin for yourself.

The other band was Mors Ontologica. These guys are the type of band I can feel really good about supporting because they rocked Comfest pretty hard and they give out all their albums online for free. They have a pretty good sound too but the live stuff sounded so much better. Check out their song Demon Inc. and always support your local scene.

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Slow on the Draw

Hello internet friends. I’ve been pretty busy the last month but things are beging to slow down for me and with the help of my new computer at home I’ll be drawing some more things and updating this site once again in the coming days. I’ve got lots of stuff to show and some freelance work that I might put up here as well. Stay tuned true believers.

Mega Linkage:
USSR Posters - Tons and tons of inspirational stuff right here.
Billy Corgan Steel Cage Match! - Not really but close.
Powers of Ten - Charles and Ray, who loves you? I do.
High Dynamic Range Photography - Is the new hotness.
Da Vinci Code Title Sequence - I know some people at OSU who would love this.
Platinum FMD - Photoillustration rocks.
The Black Angels - Passover

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Top 7 Comic Book Artists of All-Time

I know what you’re thinking. I was going to make this a top 10 list but after gathering all the information on my top 7 I decided to finish because the other 3, while important, just don’t make the list compared to who I’ve already put on here. Plus, it’s my list so I’ll do what I want. Just for the record the other 3 would have been, Neal Adams, Alex Ross, and Mike Mignola. Enjoy, and let me know if I’m missing anyone.

7. Frank Miller - Not only his Frank Miller a great artist with a gritty style he’s also an amazing writer. Miller is the king of settings and using the environment to tell his stories. He has remained fresh and popular throughout his 20-year career. His composition is impeccable (as you can see in the title graphic above).
Key Issues: Wolverine (mini) #1, Sin City #1, Batman: The Dark Knight Triumphant, Daredevil #191

6. Todd Mcfarlane - Todd submitted his artwork to comic book editors across the United States and Canada, collecting more than 700 rejection letters along the way, but he never quit. Instead, Todd built an empire for himself through his hard work and tenacity. He’s penciled some of the greatest Spider-man stories ever and created an entire series by himself in Spawn which has earned him millions.
Key Issues: Amazing Spider-man #300, Spawn #1, Spiderman #1

5. George Perez - Perez is my favorite DC artist and dominated the 1980’s with huge cross-overs like, Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pérez is noted for often using a technical pen when inking. Unlike standard ink-dipped pens, technical pens tend not to allow the variety of line widths typically expected in comic book inking. This gives Pérez-inked work an unusual look.
Key Issues: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 & #7

4. John Romita Sr. - Romitia has done everything you can do in comics, penciling, inking, designing, and art directing. He’s responsible for the creation of characters such as The Punisher and Wolverine. He was one of the greatest talents Marvel ever had. A talent that runs in his family, namely by his son, John Romita Jr.
Key Issues: Amazing Spider-man #50, Amazing Spider-man Annual #21

3. John Byrne - For me, Byrne is the defenitive old school rock star of comic books. When Byrne took over early Marvel titles, he gave them a new edge that the comic book industry had never seen before. He was an instant legend capable of producing virtually all aspects of a book, with the exception of coloring. In 2005 Byrne admitted he had always been color-blind and in fact had no idea what some of his characters’ colors even were.
Key Issues: Uncanny X-Men #135, #141, Fantastic Four #250

2. Jim Lee - Jim Lee is probably my favorite ever as I’m sure he is for most people considering he holds the record for the #1 selling comic book of all-time in X-Men #1 (over 8 million copies sold). His drawing is accomplished in all areas, far beyond most of his contemporaries: form, texture, lighting, and staging each evidence to his superior technique and command. My only problem with Jim is that he’s become too popular and doesn’t get to spend as much time drawing as he used to.
Key Issues: X-Men (vol.2) #1, Superman #204, Uncanny X-Men #248, #268, Infinite Crisis #6

1. Jack Kirby - They don’t call Jack Kirby The King for nothing and too be honest, no one else on this list can really even be compared to Kirby, he pretty much started everything. Both he and Stan Lee can practically be credited for every major Marvel hero and villian and for builing the modern-day industry. There’s a reason why the life-time achievement award for comics is call The Jack Kirby Award.
Key Issues: Fantastic Four #1, X-Men #1, Incredible Hulk #1, Captain America #100, Avengers #4

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